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Where to find the main 4 channels for buying personalized skin care products
Where to find the main 4 channels for buying personalized skin care products

As we all know, cosmetics and personalized skin care products industry profit is high, with many channels and the big price difference. From the view of channels we approach, the retail profits of skincare products can reach 50%, even more than 70%, and the wholesale profit can reach 15%. From a so big market, we can see the prosperity of the cosmetic industry. Today DAIMEI will introduce 4 main channels for buying skincare products.

I. Purchasing goods from the local wholesalers or distributors

Find the local wholesale skin care products suppliers or the top agent of cosmetics, and the price there must be the cheapest. But it needs a lot of money. If you are a freshman opening a store, I will suggest not to purchase so many goods. The purchase of cosmetics depends on whether they are quality goods. And The stuff bought from there must be quality goods.

II. Purchasing goods from the place of origin

If the skin care products brand you want to buy is foreign, and you would like to buy the cheap stuff, you'd better buy in the country of origin. The cheapest way of buying from the country of origin is bringing it back during the trip. Therefore, many guides and tourists prefer to bring foreign commodities to domestic for selling with no duty. There are discounts in a foreign country and an official website, which are also the lowest prices. Some foreign online shopping sites also engage in special offers or free package shipping fee activities. So, if you want to get the best deals from foreign brands, communicate with tour guides and tourists, and pay attention to online cosmetics websites abroad.

III. Shopping at Hongkong

In Hong Kong, Marseille, Excellence, and Dragon City Pharmacy sell cosmetics, which are all genuine but remember to pay attention to prices and make more comparisons. Not all salsa prices are the same and vary from location to location. And the cosmetics bought in Hong Kong are genuine, marked with production date, near the insured period will have a special price. So choosing to stock in Hong Kong is also a way to find the cheapest source of cosmetics, which is very suitable for shopkeepers in the south.

IV. buying stuff from wholesale skin care products manufacturers online

If you do not have a local cosmetics manufacturer or agent, you should directly find the manufacturer's phone number from the Internet, contact the other party to get the phone number of the nearby agent, and then contact. General level agent import cosmetics price is only a little more expensive than the wholesale price, very cheap. It's a good deal to sell in the store at that price.

In reality, a lot of contact with the majority of beauty shops, businesses, and even counters are claiming to be the source of goods? In fact, most of them are not real brand direct supply, even if the local businesses in the brand origin is difficult to achieve brand manufacturers direct supply. The general channel is purchased by different dealers and then distributed to various levels of the market. Of course, layer upon layer after the distribution of the price is naturally the "big price" everyone sees. But the price advantage of premium channels is obvious. For example, the YSL small gold bar that is particularly popular recently sells more than 400 RMB on the domestic counter, the big business that has overseas purchase ability can buy a single price of more than 20 Europe. If the brand manufacturer supplies directly, the price above 10 Euro can be given, that is, 100 RMB. Isn't the price a bit of a surprise?

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