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The benefits of customized beauty products
The benefits of customized beauty products

With the improvement of the requirement to the quality of life come up with by contemporary people, the daily products, such as clothes, shoes, and so on., start to be customized. As a consequence, customized beauty products are also popular with many people now.

Actually, everyone possesses a different skin type. If you use a skincare product that is not suitable for your skin type or even makes your skin allergic, then not only will you pay for the useless cosmetic but you will also hurt your skin, which is really a bad thing. Accordingly, we must not buy skincare products blindly, and we should go for a skincare product that is the most suitable for our skin type. Before we are sure to buy a skincare product, we should pay attention to the skin care custom and choose one of the large and regular skincare vendors. Because we can inquire the wholesale skin care products manufacturers for any problems that we don't know about what kinds of skincare products are fitted with our skin type.

Why do customized face products become so popular?

The ingredients, imported from Korea, are safe.

Generally, our first impression of the DIY ingredients is either the existing material like cucumber and so on., or the cheap powder and liquid bought from the Taobao. Their consistent is very unstable and unsafe.

The ingredients of the DIY customized skincare products are all imported from the famous Korean organic private label skin care manufacturers. More than 120 skin-nourishing ingredients developed by experts, including astaxanthin, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and so on, are put into special containers to maintain the good effect.

At ordinary times, the preservative and so on contained in the skincare products we buy is a must-have, which really harms our skin. DIY personal customized skincare products with natural ingredients, and without preservatives, spices, alcohol, allergens, truly safe and edible, babies and pregnant women can rest assured to use.

Customized according to your skin type with 90% integrating degree

Normally, the skincare products we use are manufactured by the production lines, and the effects they aim to label depend on the average skin type of people. Therefore, there is the same brand of skincare products. Some people use with a good effect, rather some people use with no effect and even cause allergy.

For DIY personal customized skincare products, the skin detectors can be used for the all-around test of your skin type. The test results consist of the skin condition at present and the skin problems which will happen in the next three years.

The test consequence leads to the recipe of skincare products. In the suggestion of the recipe of skincare products, experts will consider the two conditions, at present and in the future, with two guards of nourishing and preventing. The integrating degree between skin and cosmetic are high to 90%, which are more capable of meeting the needs of the healthy skin condition.

The instruments with patent and solid technology

The customized products are expensive, resulting from the device restriction of skin care contract manufacturing. A large instrument is just opened once for customizing a skincare product, which includes a high fee of consumption.

Pouring the raw material in the recipe into the cosmetic manufacturing device, constant temperature manufacturing, the high-frequency sound waves vibrates fuse the skincare products, and the completeness is not surpassed by the big devices' in the factory.

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