Daimeicosmetic Production License
To maintain high quality skincare products, our factory setup and production management follow international standards. Both of our new factory and old factory are certified by GMP and ISO22716, and our new factory is FDA registered factory. We are certified high technology company by the government, and we are top 50 cosmetics manufacturer in China. Our customers may download our certificates per below link.
Production License
Frequently Asked Questions​

Can you give us quick introduction of your facility?

We setup our new GMPC compliance factory in year 2015, there is 20K㎡ 100K cleaning rooms, 10K㎡ intelligent warehouse, and 20K㎡ office area. We have 35 production lines for different skincare production with daily output is about 500K units for cream/lotions, and 1 million units for facial sheet masks.

DO you follow GMP practices?

Yes, all of our processes are GMP Compliant. Our factory is GMPC and ISO22716 certified factory.

How do you make sure good quality especially for key process of emulsification?

For the key process of emulsification, we introduce China's leading intelligent emulsifying units, all emulsifying units are imported from Germany of IKA brand, to achieve automated production, fine production, standardized production - to achieve full automation, full monitoring, full standards - perfect quality assurance.

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Our factory has been certified by GMPC and ISO22716. We can guarantee the product quality by good machine capability and process control, complete quality control system, skilled operators, and testing capability. All our effective cosmetics have been licensed by SFDA.

Can your facility support flexible production?

Yes, we can support flexible production by our individual production cells for different processes or products. We have thousands of beauty salon customers whose orders are mainly high mix orders, at same time we have big retailer customers whose orders are full containers basis. So we can handle both high mix and high volume orders.

Are you an FDA registered facility?

Yes, we are an FDA Registered facility. We are also GMP Compliant and ISO 22716 Certified Personal and Skincare Contract Manufacturer.

How does your facility meet social compliance?

Our factory follows tightly of the labor laws from government and provide enough social benefits to our employees and zero tolerance to illegal actions especially in over time policy, safety protection, Child labors, job discrimination, abuse, etc... Our factory has passed SEDEX Member Ethical Trade Audit.

Can I Visit your Facility?

We welcome customers visit our factory so that can get better understanding of how we work and what capability we have for the customers. Just simply contact us for the visit arrangement, we are willing to host you and arrange local transportation & hotel booking for customers.

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