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“personalised skincare” is paid attention to in US cosmetic market
“personalised skincare” is paid attention to in US cosmetic market

America is a country that is constituted by a population of many kinds of race, multi-nation, and diverse culture so that the characteristics of everyone's body and skin color are different. As a consequence, personalised skincare products mean a lot to the US cosmetic market and the private label organic skin care manufacturer usa gradually emerge on the market.

As the professional business media "business two community" reports, by means of analyzing and grasping personal characteristics such as features, hobbies, demands, and so on., and continuous interaction and marketing ways of providing personalized products and service, it can improve the loyalty of customers, and bring the special buying experience for customers.

The increasingly promising marketing ways of personalized custom are referred to as the most considerate communication way to customers.

Recently, in the American care and beauty market, a variety of personalized products have also attracted people's attention. In addition to the skin care products manufacturing, personalized products are also being launched in the fields of makeup, body care, hair care, and so on.

One of the best personalized skin care brand, Y-Our Skin, will also identify gender, age, race, skin type, sensitivity, climate or air pollution level in the area where you live, stress, sleep duration, and so on, and then launch prescription skincare set that you can buy on a subscription basis according to your skin condition and needs.

Lancome has also attracted attention by directly examining an individual's skin type, skin tone, desired concealer, etc., and customizing their own foundation 'Le Teint Particulier'. Customized skincare brand 'The Mad Optimeist' is famous for its Vegan, Halal, cruelty-free, and other environmentally friendly products. According to skin type and problems, desired texture, and fragrance, more than 30 kinds of soap materials can be directly selected. You can also label it with whatever name you want.

Customized hair care brand 'Prose' takes a very detailed look at your scalp and hair state and customizes your products accordingly. The recipe also takes into account factors such as UV exposure, air pollution levels, tap water characteristics, humidity, and wind conditions in the city where you live.

Strands Hair Care, a Hair Care startup, is taking a more radical approach. Through the hair test kit, the scalp sebum level is tested, hair samples are mailed for scientific analysis, and then 100% personalized shampoo and conditioner products are mailed to consumers.

"Companies planning to expand into the US should actively take advantage of this market trend and look at existing products and marketing strategies," Kotra said. "Interacting with consumers and selling customized products, which are mostly done online, is also an opportunity for startups.".

"Companies must strictly protect and manage their personal information because they must collect sensitive information about consumers' bodies, health characteristics, or lifestyle habits, then make a personalised skin care routine for the customers. Privacy laws vary in different parts of the country, and they need to be well understood in advance."

DAIMEI, a personalised skincare product manufacturer, aims at offering the best skincare products to the whole world. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

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