daimeicosmetic Machines Capability
Daimei Biotech has invested whole sets of advanced machines for main process of cosmetics production, we firmly believe that advanced machines can keep stable high quality meanwhile reduce man made mistakes.
Machines Capability
Water Treatment System

Advanced first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment system – using high-quality nature reserve water source, equipped with advanced equipment and technology, pure water quality up to the pharmaceutical level – has become the guarantee of high-quality products.

Intelligent Emulsifying Unit Diagram

China’s leading intelligent emulsifying units, we are the first company in China to introduce whole emulsification units of Germany brand IKA, to achieve automated production, fine production, standardized production – to achieve full automation, full monitoring, full standards – perfect quality assurance.

Mask Automatic Filling Workshop

Ariel has introduced fully automated facial mask filling lines imported from Germany, which can realize automatic bagging, bag opening, metering filling and sealing operations. It ensures the safety, accuracy and hygiene of the product during the filling process.

Hand And Foot Masks Machine

The introduction of Germany’s fully automated hand-foot masks manufacturing equipment, the use of automatic tension control system, stable and durable hot plate welding, the panel is hardened, PLC micro-computer control, photoelectric detection, from raw materials to finished products, the production capacity is up to 200,000 pairs / day. The automatic membrane leak detection function can check each mask in the air pressure compensation mode, and quickly calibrate to ensure that each opponent’s foot mask is properly sealed; independent pressure increasing and controlling treatment ensures that the film cloth has no back pressure during transmission. Always provide high precision parameters control.

Collagen Mask Machine

otal 5 automated production lines for collagen masks production. The process is controlled by system from emulsification, collagen injection, packing, vacuuming, and sealing. The daily capacity for collagen face mask is 100K units and for collagen eye/lip masks is 500K units.


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