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Is there any effect of personal customized skin care products?
Is there any effect of personal customized skin care products?

The effect of personally customized skin care products must be great. For example, a cream that is produced according to the personal skin is made up of oil phase, water phase, emulsification system, moisturizing system, functional ingredients, antiseptic system, and fragrance. The oil phase is what we call grease, custom skin care will choose the grease according to the conditions of your skin. Heavy grease such as shea butter and white mango seed oil will be chosen for dry skin, refreshing oils such as jojoba oil, squalane, and sea kale oil will be chosen for oily skin, which is also chosen according to the season. The water phase usually applies for deionized water or distilled water, which is the same for all. The emulsification system is the medium of the fusion between the oil phase and the water phase. I individually like using Natural Soy Lecithin, concrete choosing which type of emulsifier depends on what the formulator does. The moisturizing system determines the moisturizing degree of the cream, which needs many varieties of moisturizer to compound. Choosing which type of moisturizing system relies on your skin and the season. Effective ingredients will be generous to add for personally customized skincare products. I personally prefer to add max and various types because of the effect I want, for instance, the recommended dosage of Saccharomyces Bifidus is 2-10, and I would like to add to 10. The antiseptic system is the appliance of antiseptic cream. I don't like antiseptic cream, which do we like between the mooncake deteriorating in a week without antiseptic cream and not deteriorating in a year with plenty of antiseptic creams? But skincare products must be added, and I will use polyols together with the plant preservative Pulsatilla root extract as a preservative system, and its shelf life can not reach the market for two to three years but half a year is not a great deal. Finally, for the fragrance, I don't use any fragrance, which is all the plant materials that taste, or tasteless. The other point you are worried about will be the problem of disinfecting, the disinfection we do is according to the hospital's standards. One step is to boil in water, soak in alcohol to dry, enter the ultraviolet ozone disinfection cabinet. We are a manufacture of skincare products, Daimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. If you are interested in our products, welcome to inquire us. E-mail: [email protected]

Actually, there is no doubt that customized skincare products will be the main tendency in the recent two years. Although it just started, it must be the mainstream of skincare products in the future. Because of the several main reasons as follow:

  1. There are distinctions of their skin among different people, so the skincare products they use can be different.
  2. One person's skin will appear different status in different terms. For example, the skin is allergic when spring is coming, when a South person goes to the North, his skin will begin to be dry, the skin is getting acne suddenly, and so on.
  3. From the statistical data, there is a person who had tried 7 to 10 kinds of skincare products, but he didn't find the one suitable to him, the cost of trying is really high.
  4. the appearance of compound problems of the skin, for example, when someone has large pores, dry skin, and skin allergies at the same time, it is difficult to use one type of skincare product to solve all the problems, must cause to choose one most serious problem to deal with when choosing the skincare products. but if the all-in-one skincare products can be produced according to the skin, they must be popular among the consumers.
  5. when going for business and traveling, the bottles are not convenient for safety checking in the airport. So as for some businessmen, all-in-one functional skincare products are very popular to a certain degree.





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