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Focusing on scientific beauty acid, exuviance wholesale skin care products have entered China
Focusing on scientific beauty acid, exuviance wholesale skin care products have entered China

SHANGHAI, Nov. 7, 2020 (PRNewswire) -- The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off in Shanghai on Nov. 6. Johnson & Johnson signed a letter of intent with High Wave on the platform with the theme of "Innovation-driven health in China", announcing that its American high-end anti-aging skincare brand, exuviance wholesale skin care products, would soon be launched in China, which also marked the opening of a new chapter for JNJ to lay out the next generation of professional skincare ingredients.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Chen, General Manager of Health and Skincare Business Division of JNJ Consumer Products in China, and Gao Lang, Founder of Hong Kong High Wave Holdings Limited, attended the event and witnessed the first step of Aishiyan's entry into China.

High-end anti-aging skincare brand Aishiyan

Aishiyan landed in China, leading the next generation of scientific beauty acid skin care. In 1974, dermatologist Dr.Van Scott and pharmacologist Dr. Rui Kam Yu discovered the effect of hydroxy acids on the skin, so they are known as the "father of hydroxy acids." The Aishiyan comes from the two global founders of the fruit acid, it has more than 100 patents including fruit acid, is the world's fruit acid skincare technology pioneer. Products with a scientific ratio of beauty acid formula, give skin SPA level skincare experience.

Johnson & Johnson has rich experience in incubating imported brands and has successfully incubated a number of leading brands, including Dr. Shino. In 2019, the fruit acid skincare market has an annual growth rate of 254%. 1. It is booming in various segments such as acne treatment, pore care, anti-aging, and so on, and is known as the new growth point of the skincare industry in the future. At the signing ceremony, Wang Chen, General Manager of Health and Skin Care Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products in China, said that the Expo is one of the best Windows for Johnson & Johnson to show new brands around the world. Based on such a platform, Johnson & Johnson can accelerate the introduction of new categories and incubate new brands quickly. The first station that this Ai Shiyan enters China settles down into the fair, has the far-reaching significance. The Aishiyan is a new brand of anti-aging skincare that Johnson & Johnson will focus on in the future. We hope that Aishiyan can bring scientific and professional beauty acid products into consumers' daily care. In addition, China is still making wholesale organic skin care products private label now.

The signing ceremony of Aishiyan's march into China

Focusing on the 26 billion anti-aging markets, Johnson & Johnson creates the next generation of ingredients skincare new air mouth.

With consumers' demands for more high-end, professional, and subdivided, consumers pay great attention to professional ingredients for skincare. Johnson & Johnson has successfully created several phenomenon-level skincare ingredients over the past few years: in 2019, the anti-aging market in China has reached 26 billion 2 billion. Alcohols A is the fastest-growing ingredient in the anti-aging market at present. 3. Neutrogena, the anti-aging expert brand of Johnson & Johnson, ranks the first 4 in the sales of Tmall A alcohols, and its volume is still growing. In the field of skin whitening, professional skin whitening component 377 is also growing rapidly. Japanese efficacy skincare brand Shichino, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, occupies 86% market share of the whole 377 markets and is the pioneer and pioneer brand in the 377 skin whitening market.

This time into China's Aishiyan main scientific beauty acid, from the initial generation of fruit acid gradually iterative, formed to fruit acid-based compound acid family, related ingredients with anti-aging skin effect, is Johnson's health skincare to professional ingredients skincare territory another expansion.

According to Wang Chen, general manager of China Health and Skincare Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, the digital level of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products in China ranks first in the world at present. The digital environment leading the world in the Chinese market and the favorable policies of the government provide us with rich soil for cultivating new brands. We are confident to build scientific beauty acids into both A alcohol and another phenomenal skincare ingredient after 377.

Johnson & Johnson Import Expo Pavilion

Hand in hand with high waves, enabling the new brand, at an important juncture of the 3rd Expo, Johnson & Johnson also announced that it will enter into a strategic cooperation intention with the industry-leading brand incubation platform, High Wave, to jointly promote the incubation and development of Johnson & Johnson's health and skincare brands in China.

Gao Lang is the leading new beauty asset management company in the industry, but also the leader of the domestic subdivision field. Johnson Johnson hopes to join hands with Gaolang, relying on its advantages in brand equity management and incubation, to gather strength in the beauty acid market, and bring Aishiyan's professional and especially researched beauty acid anti-aging skincare products to more consumers. At the same time, The Ashiyan will also explore more channels and distribution with the help of Gaolang's cooperation platform Meilun to meet consumers' demand for an immersive experience of the brand. High waves, Hong Kong holdings co., LTD., founder of high waves said: the current domestic consumers of skincare demand increasingly diverse, differentiation, a new brand in the field of deep segmentation provides consumers with more targeted skincare scheme, under the high waves and Johnson & Johnson join forces, love poetry yan can create a wholly new skincare cosmetic acid agitation in the skincare circle of China

At present, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products China has become the new brand incubation center of Johnson & Johnson worldwide. In the future, Johnson & Johnson will continue to develop new brands and ingredients with healthy skincare as the keyword. With scientific innovation, we will lead a healthy new life for Chinese consumers. Exuviance wholesale skin care has become popular this year, among Chinese skin care wholesale suppliers.

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