Arielcosmetic FDA & CPNP
As part of formulation upgrading, we will register FDA and CPNP for our ingredients of formulations in USA and Europe. This can make our formulations meet the standards to make us and customers at same page, and to prevent many registration and custom clearance issues from customers side. We have dedicated for the registration, we can make registration customers’ formulations by free if customers make production in our company. Documents for FDA or CPNP registration: full ingredients list, artwork with customer brand/customer company name/manufacturer name and address. Registration lead time: it will take about 3 to 5 weeks to get approved if all documents meets regulations, but may be delayed due to holiday or government handling priority.
FDA & CPNP Registration
Frequently Asked Questions​

Do you source package materials for customers?

We found it is most challenge for customers to find suitable package materials during their new products launch stage, however the packing is very important for cosmetics products. A nice and good looking packing can promote the image of the products greatly. Our sourcing team has put a lot of resource to find best package materials for customers, so that customers can get package information and find the suitable packing easily. We put the package materials information by different finish goods category on our web, customer can select their preferred package materials directly.

Do you provide dropping shipment?

We do not provide dropping shipment so far, but we have warehouses in Europe and USA that can provide warehouse service to customers. The location of our Europe warehouse Tilburger str. 15, Viersen, NRW, Germany; and the location of our USA warehouse 1319 S L Lake Worth FL 33460, USA.

What is your logistics service?

We have many strategic cooperated forwarders that can make delivery to most of the countries with competitive service and price. To many countries we can provide DDP delivery too. We will make shipment suggestion to our customers based on different locations and custom status in destination countries. Per our experience we can save about 30% of shipping cost comparing with shipments arranged by customers themselves.

What can your company do for your clients?

We can make materials research, design formulation per client rough ideal or requirements, make production, cosmetics testing, shipment coordination for our clients.

What information will you provide during production?

We know our customers are very care the quality of their products and how their products are produced. But most of the customers are far away from our factory, and they can not check the production on site or have inspection to the goods produced. We try to collect more information of the production of photos, videos, and testing reports, so that customers can understand the process of their products production, and what tests will be done on the products, to let our customer understand the production status and the products quality is under good management. Quality and service is key to our success in business with customers.

Do you provide free design and photograph?

Many of our customers are small companies and they may not have so many resource to make design and photograph by themselves, they need to put the limited resource on their core business. We have experienced team of designers and professional photographer to make products package design and take photos for customers. The service can be free if the order value reach two thousand dollar. We hope we can help customers to get their new products into market quickly and get benefits from market as early as can.

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