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Deep observation of Korean skincare wholesale: under the outbreak suddenly deserted
Deep observation of Korean skincare wholesale: under the outbreak suddenly deserted

Such as Snow show, Lanzhi, Yue Shifeng Yin, and so on., these Korean skincare wholesale brands are pretty well-known, and all of them take a place in the global cosmetic market. With the outbreak of the new coronal pneumonia virus, the industry of wholesale Korean skincare, suffering difficulties from the sales terminal to Korean skincare wholesale suppliers, is suddenly deserted. The declined sales, closed stores, and depressed enterprises become the general phenomenon of the Korean cosmetic industry under the epidemic.

How "the beauty industry" keep for a long time? Combining the service of online and downline, strengthening the online, insisting on innovation, and developing overseas markets have become the strategies of the Korean cosmetic industry.

With the improvement of the epidemic of overseas markets, the domestic demands for consumption have obviously increased. The whole Korean cosmetic industry is expected to restore.

More and more stores emerged, the number of customers increasingly grows, and products ready sales overseas, which are the conditions in Korean skin care wholesale before the outbreak. Even when you would like to buy some ready sale cosmetics at a busy free-duty store, the staff won't sell them to you, unless you buy them with another type of product.

But after the shock of the epidemic to the Korean cosmetic industry, it suffers difficulties from the sales terminal to the wholesale supplier, which forms the opposite for the condition before the epidemic. Even though skincare products are a must-have in our daily life, the reality is cruel.

Suddenly deserted under the outbreak

During the period of the epidemic last year, an interviewer used to meet a vendor selling face masks. When he took the face masks to check out, he found there had been a cosmetic store before, and many cosmetics were sold in ten percent. The seller said " the face masks you bought takes a big proportion of the turnover in the whole day. Because of the epidemic, the customers are very few, and the turnover per day is only several ten thousand KRW." Before several days, the interviewer passed by the store again and found that the store is closed and empty with a plate hung out the door, written with "For Rent".

And it is not just a single example. Seoul Minghole is one of the most famous business circles, with numerous cosmetic input, and boisterous at night ever before. However, during the period of New Year's Day, there is really quiet and depressed.

How about the sales of cosmetics in free-duty stores? Before several years, the interviewer passed by some free-duty stores not open for many times in Seoul, and he was shocked by the line waiting for the opening out of the door every time that four to five people stand tightly in a row and the queues stretched to every corner in the building. After the outbreak, Korea stopped the efficacy of most visas. If you need to go to Korea, you must apply for a visa again. And the tourists coming to Korea need to accept the isolation in 14 days and afford the fee of it. Plus, the times for Korean to go abroad are decreased, which makes fewer customers in duty-free stores. There are also several big duty-free stores closed in Minghole. As a consequence, the effect of the epidemic on the industry of skincare products.

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